Animal Research

ACNP Statement of Principles on the Ethical Use and Care of Animals for Research, Testing, and Education in Neuropsychopharmacology

This Statement of Principles is intended to serve as an ethical guide for neuropsychopharmacology research and education using animals, performed by the members of the ACNP.

Why is Animal Research Important?

Information about Animal Research

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)

This site offers numerous public downloads suitable for the classroom, including: Caring for Animals in the Classroom, Together for Life Classroom Calendar, and Careers in Biomedical Research

Policies on the Use of Animals in Research

How to prepare for and respond to opposition from animal rights groups?

This page is for ACNP members only for proactive steps/materials and additional information should you become a target of animal rights groups. In the event you, your lab, or your research are targeted by animal rights activists, please contact your institutional representatives immediately. These individuals often are in the Office of the Dean or Vice-Chancellor for Research or the Office of Public Relations. If there is any threat, immediately contact campus and local police.