ACNP Statement on Annual Meeting
May 9, 2023

ACNP Council and the Program Committee are very much looking forward to our 2023 meeting full of cutting-edge science and networking.  However, Council and many members have also expressed distress that new Florida laws do not support our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and women’s health.  Council has had an ongoing discussion of the meeting location and explored options for relocation.  Unfortunately, with a meeting of our size (over 2,000 attendees), relocating the 2023 meeting is not possible. Anticipating a rapidly changing and unpredictable political climate across the country, Council established a task force earlier this year to review the location and timing of our Annual Meetings.  While a draft survey was sent to the task force, the finalized version has not been sent to membership and no decisions have been made on future meetings.  The task force has representation from all ACNP committees and will be actively seeking input from members.  Note that we will continue to offer a fully virtual / hybrid component to the meeting, with live streaming all sessions, for members and invited guests who are unable or choose not to attend in person.  Council recognizes this is an ongoing critical conversation and is committed to an open dialogue with the membership.