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Article with Dr. Christine Marx

Novel Treatment May Provide Relief for People with Schizophrenia
Source: Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center
Apr 1, 2009

Article with Dr. Gary Small

Is the Internet Warping Our Brains?
Source: Live Science
Feb 24, 2009

Interview with Dr. Foster Olive

New Evidence Supports Idea That Targeting Brain Proteins May Help Treat Meth Addiction
Source: Medical University of South Carolina News
Feb 23, 2009

Interview with Dr. Elliott Richelson

Mayo Invention Collaboration Focuses on New Treatment For Depression
Source: Mayo Clinic
Feb 19, 2009

Interview with Dr. Randy Blakely

New Lab Set to Enhance Brain Disorders Research
Source: The Reporter
Jan 23, 2009

Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Conn

Unique Deal Reflects Novel Drug Discovery Program at Vanderbilt University
Source: Chemical and Engineering News
Jan 19, 2009

Interview with Dr. Joseph Tecce

The Boomerang Kids
Source: The Boston Globe
Jan 13, 2009

Audio Interview with Dr. Mark Bear

Drugs Hint at Potential Reversal of Autism
Source: NPR
Sep 25, 2008
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