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Circumspectives Blog

The editors of Neuropsychopharmacology are pleased to introduce a new Feature called Circumspectives.  These Features are designed to examine problems (scientific disagreements) of great importance to the field of neuropsychopharmacology—and thus the readership of this journal—from more than one perspective.  They resemble debates, but with a twist.  The general format is to first have separate sections in which two thought leaders on the topic articulate their individual positions.  The distinguishing element, however, is that the piece ends with a “reconciliation” (or rapprochement) that is co-authored by both and includes ideas or experiments that will move the field forward.

Our hope is that each Circumspective article will stimulate useful discussion.  To provide a forum that offers an opportunity for collegial exchange of ideas, we provide this blog.  Please note that the blog is moderated, so there may be some delay in seeing your comments posted.

Thank you and enjoy!

Circumspectives Blog

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Women's Task Force Blog

Women's Task Force Blog, June 2, 2011
Dr. Cindy Ehlers and Dr. Karen Berman

Women's Task Force Blog, January 18, 2011
Dr. Cindy Ehlers and Dr. Karen Berman