Media Award Past Winners

The following are past recipients of the Media Award.


2002 Ellen Levine, Editor in Chief, Good Housekeeping Magazine

2003 Tim McCann, Exile Productions

2004 Michelle Trudeau, NPR Science Correspondent, Childhood Bipolar Disorder (NPR)

2005 Marianne Szegedy-Maszak, Contributing Writer, US World News and Report

2006 Bill Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein Creative Media

2007 John Hoffman & Susan Froemke, HBO Series, Addiction

2008 P. Michael Conn & James V. Parker, Authors, The Animal Research War - Nomination

2009 Brian Shanahan, CEO Medispin - Nomination

2011 Hakon Heimer, Executive Editor, Schizophrenia Research Forum - Nomination

2012 Maia Szalavitz, Freelance Journalist - Nomination

2013 Charles Rose, Jr., Journalist, The Charlie Rose Brain Series - Nomination

2014 Andrew Solomon, Freelance Journalist - Nomination 

2015 Lisa Genova, Ph.D., Author, Still Alice

2016  Elyn Saks, Ph.D., J.D., LL.D., Hon., Author, The Center Cannot Hold:  My Journey Through Madness 


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