Policy Changes Applicable to Prospective Members and Associate Members

Over the past year, ACNP Council, Committees and Task Forces have been engaged in discussions about a number of policy changes, as well as some changes to the Bylaws, that are intended to open the Annual Meeting and the College to more young people while at the same time controlling, or at least managing, the growth in the size of the meeting.  The Membership Advisory Task Force thought it would be helpful to summarize membership changes that have actually been made and that will be in effect for this year for prospective members.  Please contact the Executive Office if you have any questions about these changes.

Changes Regarding Membership:  There were 2 significant changes this year that affect Associate Members:
•    Question:  How many years from completion of training to application for Associate Membership are allowed for Associate Membership?
Answer:  10 years is the maximum; note that completion of training is defined as completion of postdoc / residency.

•    Question:  Are there any exceptions to the change in number of years from completion of training to application for Associate Membership since the number of years was 15 last year?  How will those now between 11 and 15 years apply?
Answer:  There are not exceptions.  Those 11 to 15 years from completion of training must now apply for full membership.

•    Question:  What is the total number of Associate Members who can be accepted each year?
Answer:  Council may select up to 25 new Associate Members each year.  This is an increase from 15 in past years.

•    Question: What can I do to maximize my chances of being accepted as an Associate Member?
Answer: There is no set number of papers, grants, etc you must have, but you can refer to the 2012 poster from the Membership Advisory Task Force for general stats on those accepted in recent years.  Keep in mind that there is a wide range for those accepted each year, so do not ‘disqualify’ yourself if your numbers do not match the averages that you see on the poster.  BE PERSISTENT – many ACNP members apply multiple times before being accepted.  Also, factors beyond your CV influence selection process – these include the rest of the cohort that applies in a given year (some years are harder than others to get in) and balancing demographics of incoming new members.  Participation in the ACNP counts for a lot – so if you have an opportunity to attend the meeting, you should do so.  A limited number of invitations are available each year in an invitation back for new investigators.

Travel Awardee Policy Changes: 
•    Question:  What are the new eligibility requirements for the travel award program?
Answer:  Beginning in 2013, applicants will be restricted to those who are no more than 8 years post training, no more than 6 years post training in 2014, and no more than 5 years post training in 2015.  The definition of post training for MDs will be counted from the final year of their residency and for PhDs it will be counted from the last year of their postdoctoral training.

Here are the current Membership FAQs on the website that may assist you: