Educational Presentations

Carol Tamminga: Treatments for schizophrenia-

Nora Volkow: The Science of Addiction-

Jay Giedd: Development of the Young brain-

Tom Insel: Toward a new understanding of mental illness-

Karl Deisseroth: Controlling the Brain with Light-

Nora Volkow: The unyielding power of dopamine-

George Koob: Neurobiology of addiction-

Steve Hyman: Brain, Science and Society-

BJ Casey, Bruce McEwen, Mary Jeanne Kreek, Marc Tessier-Lavigne: The Challenges of Adolescence: Balancing Risk, Novelty, and Self-Control-

Interview with Kay Redfield Jamison: Bipolar disease-

Rachel Yehuda: PTSD-

Michael Nader: The Value of Drug Addiction Research-

George Christ: Regenerative Medicine: the Future of Tissue Repair-

Robert Speth: So there is no free will. Now what?-

Jeffrey Conn: Breakthrough Medicines for Serious Brain Disorders-


Community Education

See community initiatives funded in part by the ACNP that help people learn more about mental health and read about winners of our Outreach Initiative Awards in the Community Education Programs section.

Member Interviews

For historical perspective, read ACNP interviews with pioneers in the field of psychopharmacology.