Welcome to the Education Section on the ACNP web site. ACNP members are committed to providing the best information available to scientific colleagues, to mental health professionals, and to patients and/or patient representative groups.  On these pages, you will find educational presentations from our annual meetings, educational resources for members and non-members, listings of non-ACNP events, and helpful links. 

Katharine Phillips, M.D.Why is Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Important? 
Katharine Phillips, M.D. - Neuroscience and mental health research seeks answers to complex, critically important questions. What causes mental illness? How can we better treat these common and burdensome disorders? How can we prevent them? Scientific research is the best way to answer such questions, and hasten the development of new treatments.

Studies of brain cell signaling pathways help improve treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Lynne Lamberg - Advances in understanding bipolar disorder (BPD) at the cellular level may help clinicians diagnose this illness earlier, treat it more effectively, and perhaps even slow or stop its progression.

5th Generation of ProgressNeuropsychopharmacology - 5th Generation of Progress  Thoroughly updated and completely reorganized for a sharper clinical focus, the Fifth Edition of this world-renowned classic synthesizes the latest advances in basic neurobiology, biological psychiatry, and clinical neuropsychopharmacology.

4th Generation of Progress Psychopharmacology - 4th Generation of Progress   This volume, Psychopharmacology: The Fourth Generation of Progress, seeks to redefine the scientific field of neuropsychopharmacology for its parent organization, The American College of Neuropsychopharmacology.  


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