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  November 2003 - American College of Neuropsychopharmacology- Volume 9 No. 5 



Note: The paragraph below appeared in the last issue of the ACNP Bulletin. In that issue we did not mention the names of the members of the task force. They are Alan Frazer, Chair, Mark Geyer, Mary Jeanne Kreek, Jim Meador-Woodruff, and Myrna Weissman. These members have spent much time in thoroughly reviewing our journal policies, procedures, and practices related to potential conflicts of interest. They have taken on a difficult and time-consuming task, and for that we are deeply grateful.

Undoubtedly, ACNP members have seen in recent months a series of media stories and personal correspondence regarding the issue of disclosure of conflicts of interest in all published scientific articles. One of the world's leading scientific publishers, Nature Publishing Group (publishers of Neuropsychopharmacology), has changed its policies regarding disclosure as a result of this discussion. Other respected journals have also re-examined their policies and procedures regarding disclosure. In like fashion Council has appointed a special task force to look at these issues in relation to our journal. This task force has been asked to look at the policies of the journal with respect to potential conflicts of interest, and to recommend any changes they think appropriate to assure that our policies represent the very highest standards of excellence and integrity in today's scientific community. They have also been asked to look at our practices and procedures related to potential conflicts of interest to assure that journal policies are rigorously applied and followed. The task force is already working, and will have at least its preliminary report, if not the final report, ready by the Annual Meeting. Council is confident that as this group performs its task, if any problems exist in the functioning of our journal they will be identified and remedied. The end result of this process should be, controversy notwithstanding, that our already outstanding journal is strengthened even more.

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The Caribe Hilton is scheduled to have wireless Internet access available in some areas of the hotel by December 1. We have been told that access will be in the area around the 9th Floor Executive Lounge, the 2nd Floor Business Center, and in the Main Lobby area. In addition, the ACNP Computer Center will set up a wireless connection as well.

The ACNP Computer Center will also offer access to e-mail to meeting attendees. Please remember to bring your e-mail access information and passwords. The ACNP will also have a global e-mail address through which messages can be relayed. That e-mail address is

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Edward J. Sachar Award: The Columbia University Department of Psychiatry Awards Annually the Edward J. Sachar Award for: 1) extraordinary contributions to the field of psychiatric research, and 2) promotion of the research careers of mentees. Information about that award is available at

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